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A true worship piece, This epic film takes you back to 2000 years ago as it follows the passion and life of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Derived straight from the Holy Bible, as scripted by Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John.

This Bible study will offer you a closer look at the life of Jesus. Jesus will come to life as you explorer Christ in-depth (either as a group or alone) through the supplied scripture references. You will discover that life, death, and resurrection of Jesus offered in the New Testament fulfilled many ancient prophesies of the Old Testament. Through this study you will come to experience and understand that Jesus is the Son of God and he came to earth to provide salvation and true peace to all who choose it.

90 Minute Feature Documentary
20 Chapter Bible Study - follow each chapter as it relates to the Holy Bible.
Study Guide - follow along study guide with scripture.
The Disciples - A study of the each disciple in detail.
"He's Alive" as performed by Dolly Parton
Online Worship Tools

The 22 oil on canvas painting that make up the The Story Of Jesus The Christ collection is the largest group of painting on the life of Jesus by one artist. This 8"x12" book is printed in vibrant full color, showing the dedication, detail, and the love of Jesus Christ that went into creating these magnificent works of art. The book also includes the scriptures and story of Jesus The Christ.

Prints Available on Poster and Canvas

Soundtrack featuring "He's Alive" by Dolly Parton

The Audio Book CD is an exceptional tool for use with the Bible Study, Ministry, or listening enjoyment. Includes the complete voice-over of The Story of Jesus The Christ DVD and the He's Alive performed by Dolly Parton.

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